Virtuous Leadership In Education

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Do you remember what had the greatest impact on you from when you were in school? I bet it wasn’t the textbooks or curriculum. You probably remember one or more individual teachers who had a profound impact on you, and that impact probably had a lot to do with "life lessons" and with character. 

We've asked hundreds of teachers a similar question: "If 10 years from now, you had a former student come and tell you what impact you had in their life, what would you want them to say?" You know I've never heard them say "the quadratic equation." The answer the teachers always give is something to do with character. In our heart of hearts, we all — especially teachers — recognize that the real purpose of education is to form excellent human beings. The best teachers are the ones who see the diamond within each student, that can be refined and polished. The best teachers help their students to achieve true greatness by bringing out the greatness in others. Now just imagine if every teacher approached their students that way.

What difference do you think could that make?


It is our daring goal to bring
Virtuous Leadership
® training and resources
to 1,000 teachers by December 2019.

That's the potential to impact 100,000 young people. You can help us change the world.

Become a catalyst for change. Help us raise a new generation of Virtuous Leaders.


Virtuous Leadership Workshops for Teachers

We are launching a whole new series of workshops for teachers starting in August 2017. These professional development opportunities provide educators with the common vocabulary, tools, and resources to instill Virtuous Leadership® in their students and put it into practice in their classrooms.

So get in touch with us and bring Virtuous Leadership® to your school!

These workshops may be eligible for professional development/continuing education credits towards maintaining licensure. Check with your local district committee for details.

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What Virtuous Leadership® provides

  • Approachable and articulate understanding of virtue

  • Framework and vocabulary for the practical development of character

  • Way to realize each person’s innate potential for leadership

  • Examples of Virtuous Leadership in action in the lives of others

  • Means to discover and fulfill your unique personal mission and calling

Teaching Virtuous Leadership

The goals of Virtuous Leadership®

  • Understand the nature and importance of virtue and leadership

  • Capture the vision of Virtuous Leadership® and make a commitment to becoming a Virtuous Leader

  • Develop a plan to acquire the virtues through practice

  • Achieve greatness by bringing out the greatness in those around you

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The demonstrated impact of Virtuous Leadership®

Virtuous Leadership® has demonstrated a profound impact on individual young people, teachers, and school culture.

  • Virtuous Leadership® gives students hope for a better life by providing the mindset for addressing the challenges they face, and the practical skills to grow through those challenges. 

  • Virtuous Leadership® offers educators a conceptual framework and practical toolset to help their students respond to their call to become virtuous leaders.

  • Virtuous Leadership® inspires and draws out the innate leadership potential of each student, which has led to improved disciplinary outcomes.



More than any other topic, youth desire to learn how to improve their lives in concrete and practical ways. More than a theoretical system, Virtuous Leadership® offers a framework for the practical development of character and the application of virtue in leadership service.

The Virtuous Leadership Institute is providing professional development workshops for educators of all levels and in all kinds of schools across the USA and Canada.