Our Mission

Make no small plans, they have not the magic to stir men’s blood.
— Daniel Burnham, Architect

We are on a mission to ignite hearts for greatness and raise up a new generation of virtuous leaders empowered to transform the world. 

We dream of a world full of virtuous leaders in all human activities who will transform all dimensions of life, culture and business, and so lay the foundations for a new civilization.

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This is a critically important mission for America and the World. I am blessed to have been asked to be a part of it.
— David G. Bolgiano, Retired Military & Peace Officer
  • We believe that each and every person is created for greatness and endowed with an unimaginable dignity that can be realized only through the cultivation of the virtues of the heart: magnanimity and humility.
  • We believe that leaders are not born, they are trained. That leadership is not a matter of mere technique, but an act of character. You are not a functionary, but a diamond that must be refined and perfected to achieve its true brilliance and radiance.
  • We believe that "freedom is not a right, but an obligation," (Solzhenitsyn) and that true freedom is impossible without Virtuous Leadership.
  • We believe that each person recognizes in their heart the incredible call to discover their mission, to become their true selves — the call to greatness and service.
  • Therefore we will "make no little plans, for they have not the magic to stir men’s blood" (Daniel Burnham). We will instead dare greatly to achieve true greatness by bringing out the greatness in others.

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